Many of you have been with us on our rescue/foster/hospice

 journey over these past 8+ years. Our wonderful supporters have

 sent countless wishlist items to help provide care for over 15

 hundred foster dogs now, supported every time we have needed

 to get a dog to safety or provide emergency medical care.

 Many have supported us so that we could pay for fencing

 materials, washing machines, dog food, foster room flooring, vet

 care, etc. Some saw our beautiful foster room get remodeled, our

 property logged for safety, the extensive clean up after, and have

 fallen in love with all the dogs we've helped together. We have

 never done a personal fundraiser ourselves and I had hoped to

 complete this project on my own with the money raised from this

 years calendar sales. But here's the deal. We have had several

 very special dogs arrive to our rescue in the last 2 weeks. Some

 will stay with us to live out their golden years. These deserving

 pups will be a permanent pack member and we are so excited to

 be able to provide the stability they have lacked.

 With this we will be needing to add two new additions to our

 program where they will be comfortable. On the off chance

 everyone does not get along we will continue to use the meet/

 greet and event room on a rotation so that everyone gets house/

 couch snuggle time. This does not mean that we will not be taking

 in more rescues. On the contrary, we will be expanding our

 rescue efforts. But we need to do it now to be able to fully provide

 everything our incoming dogs needs and to have space for the

 many waiting and needing care. Here is a breakdown of exactly

 where your donation will go -

 2 - 10 x 12 cottages, both with individual fenced in yards and

 porches. Basic units to purchase with delivery are $4580 each.

  We will then insulate and put sheet rock on the insides, run

 power, install heat/air units, tile the floors and decorate with all the

 comforts of home. We hope to have one for adult dogs with a

 couch, TV, and music and a bit more suitable for senior dogs.

 Total costs for units alone - $9,160. We will personally pay for all

 other construction materials, trees for shade and for inside decor/


 1 - 3/4 acre fenced play yard with 3 gates, a main entrance and 2

 going to separate areas for the more timid/senior dogs, including

 access to the cottages. This will be installed by a professional

 fence company as we need it to be completely secure. The fence

 will be hog panel and wood, going a foot into the ground and 6+ ft

 high. I hope to eventually have a covered puppy area but those

 improvements can be made in the future with funds raised by t-

 shirt sales. Estimated cost for this - $2800. We will pay any

 incurring costs above this amount.

 This work will all be completed within a few months from now,

 both so the new dog will have access to it and before our summer

 months begin. I have debated doing a monetary fundraiser for so

 long now as I absolutely hate to ask for help. But this is not for

 me. This is for the dogs who deserve it the most and will be used

 to help many more dogs for years to come. Any donation amount

 would mean the world to us, and if we somehow go over our goal

 those funds will be used towards the construction supplies. You all

 mean so much to us and our gratitude is truly endless. We

 absolutely could not do this without the support we have received.

 From the bottom of my heart, Michelle


Files coming soon.


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