Welcome to Missy’s Haven Canine Rescue (MHCR) adoption application!! Please complete all information and then hit the “Submit” button at the end of the page.

Once your application is on file with us, all you need to do is to bookmark the available dogs page then email or call when a dog is posted who is of interest to your family and whose stated needs you meet. Tell us the name of the dog(s) in which you are interested and also that you have an application on file.  

Applicants who have been pre-approved to adopt and are waiting for a rescued pup are normally given preference over those who newly contact us (all things being equal).

By submitting your application you agree and understand that all MHCR dogs are house dogs and are not to be housed outdoors or left outside anytime when an adult is not home and able to supervise them.  

Families who adopt from MHCR agree to provide the dog with proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, training, medical care, companionship and humane treatment at all times. 

MHCR is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the placement of a dog into any household. 

We reserve the right to refuse any person or persons from fostering or adopting a dog from our organization.

One of the challenges we encounter, as word gets out about our amazing dogs, is that we often get busy with lots of applications. This is a good thing! However, all this pup-ularity has given us new challenges to deal with. For example, in some cases, we may have multiple requests for one dog. When this happens, we still want to find the best match for the dog, so we will screen all the applicants before making a decision. We will put a hold on new applications once we’re confident a good match is in the group.

Of course, the best homes would know getting a dog is not a decision to rush into. On our end, we are careful to make a good match, but we want to help our dogs get into their forever homes as soon as they’re ready. With more applications, this just takes a little longer. 

If you are interested in adopting, please be patient with us through this process, so we can make the best decision for the dog.

… so when applying to adopt, please take a look at them all and consider there may be more than one “right” dog for you.

Spread the Love!  Thank you for your support.



Adoption Guidelines


When considering applications for adoption, the following guidelines apply:

  • MHCR does not adopt to families that want an “outside only” dog. Our dogs must be adopted as members of the family and cannot be left alone outside without human supervision.
  • We do not adopt to homes where a pet has been abandoned in the past or where there are currently unsterilized or unvaccinated pets in the home.
  • The dogs will not adopted as gifts. If the animal is a gift to someone, the recipient must be present at the adoption interview and sign the adoption papers. 
  • We do not adopt puppies/dogs to people who have children under (7) years old living in, or regularly visiting, their home; however, we do consider each application on an individual basis, considering the family’s experience and supervision with previous pets.
  • Homes with fenced yards are strongly preferred.  Animals will not be adopted in situations that would require being chained, roped, or leashed.
  • When considering applications, MHCR generally gives preference to home owners rather than renters. Adoption applicants residing in a townhouse, condominium, apartment or rental property must have permission from the landlord/homeowner association to add a dog to their household. For approved adopters residing in an apartment building or condominium, dogs that are one year or older may be candidates for adoption. Active adult dogs and puppies are not good candidates for apartment homes.
  • Adopters must be over the age of 21. We do not adopt to students.
  • All family members, including any other household pets, SHOULD be present during meet and greet when meeting a prospective “adoptee” dog to be sure of a good match. No animal shall be adopted to an individual without approval of all adults at the residence.
  • Adopters must place personal ID on the animal as soon as possible.
  • The Adopter must agree to properly maintain the health of the dog by placing him/her on a regular vaccination schedule as recommended by their veterinarian. The adopter must agree to have the dog tested annually for heartworm, and he/she will receive heartworm preventative by prescription from a veterinarian. Texas has one of the highest incidence rates for heartworm in the country. As such, MHCR strongly recommends that adopters consult with their veterinarian and place the dog on year-round heartworm preventative.
  • If at any time, an adopter cannot continue to care for a dog adopted from Missys Haven, you must agree to return the dog to us.
  • MHCR reserves the right to contact any references or veterinarians named by the adopter on the application form.
  • Incomplete adoption applications will not be processed.
  • To be considered, all prospective adopters must complete our online application prior to meet and Greet
  • We do want to consider applications on an individual basis, are willing to discuss specific circumstances with potential adopters. MHCR reserves the right to refuse or reject application for adoption. Our first concern is the welfare of the dogs available for adoption. We reserve the right to make that final determination based on the information we receive or discover and what we believe is in the best interest of the dog.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to change these policies and fees at any time.

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